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Melania Trump: Slovenian side of story

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Melania Trump: Slovenian side of story

Design: Martina Semec Volovec     Translation: Petra Ganc, Brian Hamby    Audiobook: Niko Zagode

Knjiga Melania trump the slovenian sideo
Knjiga Melania trump the slovenian sideo
Knjiga Melania trump the slovenian sideo

Not so long ago, Melania was a dedicated housewife who was rarely gave interviews, despite her ability to speak six languages. The best Slovenian joke I remember from that period is that she is the only person in the world who speaks no languages since she does not know English and she forgot Slovenian.


Through my eyes: The USA

Design: Sanja Plantak

At some point, Kevin blurted out: “You know, I’m bothered by something, which I’d like to ask you about. But I don’t know if it’s appropriate.” I really did not expect such an introduction to a conversation since it had happened on numerous occasions before that we seriously crossed the border of what was appropriate with jokes I dare not write here. Afterwards, it took me many minutes to pry the matter out of him, saying: “Come, on, Kevin, but I already know more about you than about most of my Slovene friends, not to mention the numerous dirty jokes we have exchanged on the topic of “understanding” women. Why then, are you so reserved?” Finally, I heard him say: “Okay, I’m sorry. As you know, I haven’t traveled much in life and don’t know your part of the world. But I really must ask you this thing that’s been bothering me – which race are you?”

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Sandi is a storyteller. He prefers to do so in the village pub, but when the crowd exceeds the capacity of the joint, the written word can rush in and rescue his wisdom in distress. His English debut, entitled Melania Trump: The Slovenian Side of the Story, thrust him before the American media, and now in a humorous way he has attempted to present his vision of the world to a wider audience. Some day, he would like to show children the right path through fairy tales, as he is aware that eventually they will be the ones changing his diapers in a retirement home.

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EXCLUSIVE — Slovenia’s Side of Melania’s Story: How the First Lady’s Upbringing in Communist Eastern Europe Shaped Her Fight for Freedom in America